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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What is luelinks?

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I have been getting a lot of hits from a mysterious site called luelinks recently, and along with that came a flood of comments on posts. Unfortunately some of these were completely unnacceptable and had to be removed. I'm not saying that all users of the site behave in the same way, but this small minority will give it a bad name. A site like this, mysterious and closed to the public must be carefull, as people will be suspicous anyway.
I started to do some research into what this site is, and although they're secretive there is information out there.
At what pulse, a webiste that counts keystrokes, there seems to be a record of them. If that is to be believed then luelinks was formed by riverdude on Oct. 9, 2004 and has 466 members.
At this site there seems to be a complicated process to get a luelinks account, you need to be reffered to join. According to this site you need to have a gamefaqs account, with a link to that from a luelinks post, perhaps linking to a post is the reffereal. This site says that at some point luelinks was hacked.
This site has this to say:
"LUElinks ( - A private site with boards created by LlamaGuy, only for members of LUE. The interface is similar to that of GameFAQs, but several features are added, most notably the abilities to vote on links and receive tokens for adding good links. There is a running joke among LUELinkers that whenever someone asks for the URL for the board, they all claim that the site does not exist."

Well, not a lot of info, but basically I think it's a link swapping/forum community. Forgive the awful writing style/spelling, but I'm a bit tender this morning after the traditional culture festival that takes place here once a month...


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