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Friday, March 04, 2005

What is Art/Graffiti?

It was 2:30AM and a vicious debate was raging, hypothetical arguments were bandied about and dismissed faster than I could follow in my slightly inebriated state. Was graffiti art?
All over my home city there are examples of stencil graffiti, some are inspired pieces of social commentary that are also a feast for the eye, others meaningless dross. Do these pieces constitute art, or does art have to be bought, appreciated and hung in a gallery? The idea was put forward that it is simply vandalism, an act not unknown to students. But, meaningfully and thoughtfully placed, surely it can overcome this label? Some graffiti artists are known and recognized in the art world, Banksy for one even has his own website.
Here is his guide to cutting stencils, do so at your own risk, but do send me a picture.
Also, I invite the participants of said argument to comment away with their opinions, you know who you are...


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