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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Thrust SSC Usurped?

Remember Thrust SSC? I was privileged enough to catch a glimpse of the machine and it's driver after it's record breaking run and it was far bigger than it looked zipping along in the desert faster than the speed of sound. Well, some Americans think that they can do better. This is crazy, it's a pointless, stupid, dangerous attempt involving the need for brilliant small budget (relatively) engineering. That means that Britain should keep the record. It's what we do. Need to compute lots of data? Let's make the first computer. Need to fly quicker than the Germans? Let's make the first jet plane. Etc, etc. Come on Britain, i've got a Ford Mondeo, let's start with that?
P.S. I don't mean it. Good luck, I love this sort of record attempt.


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