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Monday, March 07, 2005

Things That Annoyed Me Today...

Starting with google scholar, must they only provide me with links to PDF's that I have to pay for? I am not going to pay for 30-40 papers to read to do a bit of coursework. Thank god for citeseer.
Secondly, my iBook screen is still off centre and Apple show no signs of wanting to reply to my letter, see saga 1 and saga 2. This was made all the worse today when I read this fascinating blog about a Mac Genius. How can a company who have it so right like Apple get customer service so wrong?
Also, eBay, who charged me £210 for an auction that they cancelled, have now charged me a further £183 after promising to refund the first charge. Wrong ammount, and wrong payment direction, but nice try!
Well, that's it, but on the flip side, I bought 12 Isaac Asimov books for £2. Bargain. Sometimes I think I hate technology, but at least when you buy a book, it can't go wrong/charge you £100's.


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