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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

RFID Dart Gun

Well, a little while ago I mentioned RFID footballs and now here is another RFID gadget; way to physically shoot information using darts. The idea is that there is a central filestore, and you want to send someone a file. The tip of a dart is encoded with a link to that file by waving it near a read/write device. The dart is then fired at your recipient with a snazzy toy gun and they swipe it near their device to bring up the file. Now this is pretty cool, and once they'd spent months making it i'm sure it provided them with literally minutes of fun, but there are pretty cool potential applications for this. Even though I am a little scared of RFID causing a weird Orwellian nightmare where every object in the world is precisely tracked by some malevolent crazy chap, I do like this idea.



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