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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mobile Phone vs PDA

Can you compare them? Well, increasingly so. A PDA with WiFi and tools like skype VOIP, MSN messenger or even goodd old email could conceivably replace a Mobile, for me at least. People say that PDA sales are going down and that smart phones are taking over. And it is true, but I have to question how long that will hold out for. I do want to stay in contact, but I spend 95% of my time at home, or uni. Now, both these places have wifi, so give me and my friends a slick PDA with wifi built in...
I could use skype, or msn messenger, or even email. But it gets me away from using a mobile phone, no monthly payments, no small choice come upgrade time, buy the one you want and keep it. That's the way I would prefer to see it go, there are cool tools now, and with more WiFi i'd rather a PDA than a phone. If PDA's got better looking, smaller and had WiFi, and more places had WiFi then I think it would all shift again. Mobiles are ok, but they are showing their age, and 3G just isn't doing it for me.


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