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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Linux Goes Apple

Via Pixelsurgeon: It appears Linux originator Linus Torvald has succumbed finally to Mac Envy. I see his argument, but if someone offered me a free Mac, I doubt I'd go to the trouble of putting Linux on it.

And a news search on Linux unearths this other titbit, courtesy of Slashdot; IBM have a nifty piece of software in the works that will boot a no-doubt cut-down version of the OS from a USB storage device, allowing you to perform "rescue and recovery" functions. Clever stuff, but sounds a bit limited in application..

Thinking back to the old Acorn days, wouldn't it be great to have the OS hardwired again? No bulkware OS clogging up your drives and generally making everything difficult? Almost makes me want to crack the old beast out and play Zarch. Ah, it all comes full circle... Zarch (also known as Virus on the Amiga) is apparently packaged with Suse distros.


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