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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Intelligent Football

Hmm, football and takeaway. I just got back from a football match, this one to be exact. Now, i'm not a massive football fan but Norwich is my home city and i'd like to be patriotic whenever possible.
Tonight I saw many small injustices, decisions made the wrong way, small offenses going unnoticed etc, which everybody seemed to accept as just part of the game.
While I am a big privacy advocate, and dislike most technology like RFID, CCTV, etc, as they are often used for privacy infringing reasons, I would love to see lots of Big brother technology on the sports field to clear up these small issues.
Why hasn't this been done already? I asked people at the match and the most common reason that they gave was that it simply wasn't necessary - the swings and roundabouts argument. One game, team A will get positively biased results but team B may do next time. Fair enough, but why not get it right, first time?
Well, I did some googling, and found out that it is starting to creep in, albeit at a lower level of football and on a trial basis, in the form of this football which tells a receiver if it passes the goal line. This could be easily expanded to other rules.
There you have it, sports novice raises tech question, google answers question. I hope you're all happy with that.

P.S. Sport's novice thinks that Norwich City F.C. deserve to stay in the Premiership.


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