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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Identity Theft?

There is an advertising campaign at the moment, warning all of us in the UK about the dangers of identity theft. They're very over the top, including one where the 'criminal' runs off to L.A. and fills a bath with champagne, all on 'your' card. The criminal is played by a popular impressionist which is quite clever. I heard a rumour today that he himself was the victim of identity theft, poor guy I thought, but what a great story. Too good to be true, meaning it's not true. The tabloids here have been making a habit recently out of performing weird acts in order to create a story. We've had journalists go undercover and gain access to the queens bedroom, etc etc. Now we have this, from the Mirror, where they dug through his rubbish for items that may be used in identity theft. They did actually find a valid debit card and his actors union details, so they do have a point. The story though is fabricated and over the top, but not as over the top as the actual campaign. It states that 1 in 4 people have been a victim of this crime or know someone who has been. Initially, like me you freak out a bit, until you realise that 'knowing' someone who has been is so loose a term. The actual figures could be anywhere from 1 in 4 to one in thousands of actual people who have been victims.


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