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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Electric Cars Scrapped

78 clean, efficient electric cars have been scrapped by GM. The EV-1's were being scrapped as the product line was no longer profitable. They could not be sold on due to the cars 2000 unique parts making them impossible to service by anyone other than GM. This would cause liability issues should anything go wrong. I think it's a travesty that these machines are being destroyed, and there were many protesters trying to stop the lorries. Surely you could just sign a form that would resign any possibility of legal comeback should the car die. They would still sell, and there would be 78 less petrol cars on the road. GM has donated some to universities and museums, places where they won't be used. The technology developed in the EV-1 has been used in hybrid cars, which are becoming more popular and can still be bought. So that's good news.


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