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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Applicants Turned Down For Peeking

119 applicants for Harvard Business School are to be turned down after following advice posted on a forum on how to snoop at decisions early. The school were using an online 3rd party system that was apparently vulnerable to a simple attack, the applicants that used this attack are all being turned down automatically by the school who claim that it was unethical. I have experience with these online systems and they are very slow to process applications, indeed Harvard had posted decisions a month before they were to be released. A friend recently applied for a postgrad course and waited weeks past the date she was told that she would be informed of a decision via a new website, she phoned eventually and was told instantly that she was accepted. The website didn't show this for over a week more. So, the fact that they were stressing out, waiting on such an important, life changing decision, the fact that these sites are sometimes behind, and the fact that they weren't doing anything harmful or malicious should cause this thing to blow over (in a common-sense led world).


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