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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Up, Up And Away!

Ok, so I don't have any pictures of cool gadgets, but then I have just been reading a really cool book: Angel Seven by a guy called Mike Lunnon-Wood. I would link it to a well known online book store ... but I figure they get enough free advertising as it is.

Anyway, this features a very large, very cool plane that can apparently travel at hypersonic speeds, and I thought you'd be quite interested in hearing about hypersonic travel because I know I am.

Anyway... Hypersonic travel (in the book) is achieved by use of a Scramjet ... a variant of the original ramjet (developed by William Avery. Apparently). Basically, the plane has a huge scoop which sucks up air and then compresses it, mixing it with fuel and then acts very much like a jet engine propelling the compressed air out at stupidly high speeds.

Unfortunately most of the details surrounding the theory of hypersonic travel is classified, mainly because the governments want the make interceptors that can out fly, out maneouver and out run anything anyone else can throw at them: like more interceptors or missiles.


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