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Monday, February 14, 2005

Global Correlations in Random Data

At universities all over the world are small, very simple electronic number generators dubbed 'eggs' by those that work with them. They record the binary output of these machines and plot the data in graphs, an equal ammount of 0's and 1's will provide a flat graph, which is what you'd expect and what any statistician will tell you the average will be.

It has started to become evident however that certain events can alter the output of these machines, the Global Consciousness Project has been conducting experiments in this field for some time. They have discovered that strangers can alter the output by merely 'willing' it to change, most bizarely thought thy have discovered that these many eggs all over the world are affected at the same time by global phenomena. The funeral of Princess Diana, September 11th attacks and Asian Tsunami all affected egg output significantly.

Now time for the weird part, it is not an enormous leap to believe that thought can affect the output of these machines, our brains and the eggs all work on electrical signals and these can interfere with each other. The fact that this works globally is surpirising, but believable because these horrific events captivate the thoughts of millions all at once. The scarily weird part comes in that the effect of these events happens before the event itself, in the case of september 11th four hours before, in the tsunami 24 hours before.

There is actually real science behind this, and even an explanation as to why the result can happen before the event, but it involves some hairy phsyics. i know now what you're thinking; who works for the GCP? Uri Geller? David Blaine? Well, many respected scientists (over 75) from many countries (over 41) are involved, including professors from Princeton and Edinburgh Universities.

I urge you to give this site a read, it's scary/fascinating stuff.


  • At 3:54 PM, Blogger Sparky said…

    This doesn't mean I believe Uri Geller!

  • At 9:42 PM, Blogger Stillpoint said…

    The correllation between "big" events and the collective deviation from the norm of theseg of random number generators ("eggs") is hardly capable of being made "scientific" in the sense that the association of the two events is largely subjective. One would do well to wonder how many times these device deviate from the norm on a regular basis and for how long. Is one-second of deviation enough? Two? A minute? What about the selection of "big" events? The selection of these events are culturally and informationally constrained. How is observor bia compensated for in this area of research. Information regarding these crucial issues are left out of both the "news" reports and web site. However, information of this sort is precisely what is required to properly evaluate the claims being made for the "egg network" and the GCP. A correllation -- especially one that occurs three days later -- does not strike me as much of a correllation. Lastly, there doesn't seem to be too much to get excited about if all the "instrument" can provide is that something "big" is going to happen "sometime". It seems a lot of hullaballo for very little. Lastly, if the thoughts of one person can affect the device at a distance (one of their experiements) why not someone else, like the experimenter? If such is the case, then, due to the unusual and undetectible nature of the effective force, there's no way to know *who* (or even what) caused the device to respond. The instrument is too crude. There is less useful information in this entire expensive and elaborate digitial "egg" network than can be found in a nice pair of analog dowsing rods.


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