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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Engines Of Creation

Ask anyone about me, and the first thing they'll say about me is that I have a beard. And I'm dodgy. Apparently.

But ask anyone about my scientific likes and dislikes and they'll immediately say: "He has a beard ... oh and he likes nanotech."

"Nanotech?" I hear you cry. Yes, nanotech. My interest started many many moons ago when I purchased a book from a games shop. The book was called Cyberpunk 2020 and, yes, it was an RPG. But what caught my eye was the blending of cybernetics and humanity - blurring the line between man and machine. And nanotech was frequrntly the cause of this.

Fast forward to a few years ago and I started doing some proper research into nanotech, just general stuff, looking around on the Net etc. I found some really interesting sites, not least the homepage of The Foresight Institute, basically the official website of the first institution to research molecular engineering and technology on a nanoscopic level. It was about this time that I started reading New Scientist on a regular basis too, and found lots of articles on nanotech in there too.

Nanotech, it seemed, was becoming a reality.

Fast forward to today and nanotechnology / molecular engineering is all over the place: it's the new high-tech frontier to be involved in.

And Prince Charles is worried that it's gonna turn us all into grey goo.

Which is very unlikely, as Drexler says here.

There's lots for you to read there. And lots that leads off from it. Personally, I can't wait till we can get fully programmable, independant nanobots to build us whatever we want, when we want it, and build it cheaper, cleaner, stronger and lighter than we can at the moment. But then I want lots of things.


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